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Ropes Course Inspections


Cross Bearing Adventures would like to put our years of experience helping to maker sure your course meets current standards and is performing at it's best.  Safety is at the core of the inspection and we will take a detailed look at the whole course to identify any possible issues which might cause concern.



We are committed to keeping your course up to date with the Association of Challenge Course Technology standards and ASTM requirements.  Allow us to guide you from inspection to repairs as needed.  Weather, materials, design, and daily use are only a few causes for damage to the course.  A thorough annual inspection will help keep the course safe and plan for the future.

ACCT Certified


CBA is certified through the Association for Challenge Course Technology to Level 2 Professional Inspector.

Pricing based on the course.


CBA rates are affordable and dependent on the size of the course with the number of elements and time required to completely inspect the gear, course, program and operations.  Let's talk through your course and schedule to see how CBA can help you.  

Customer Support


We would be happy to do the repairs while on site if possible or direct you to the solution as needed in order to keep the costs down.  Do you have ongoing issues on the course?  Let us problem solve for you to avoid costly mistakes or injuries.



Not sure about how the inspection works.  Need some help making repairs but unsure of the best route to take.  Maybe you have questions about gear.  What is the best rope for this element? We can help.  Just email us with your question.